How To Join

Okay, so you’ve heard about all the really cool things Navy League Cadets get to do, like sailing, camping, first-aid, drills and sports. You’ve seen them in parades and at community events.

If you’re between 9 – 12 years old, you can come make new friends as a Navy League Cadets, here in Barrie Ontario, in just 5 easy steps.
If your 12 or over, click here on How To Join.

1- You need to go to the Contact Page for Barrie Navy League #24 Chambly.
2- Get your parents to read the Information For Parents booklet.
3- Get your parents to fill out your Application For Membership.
4- Bring your parents with you the first time you come to the Corps.
5- Take the Navy League Cadet Promise:

I solemnly promise to honour the Queen and so conduct myself as to be a credit t my Country and my Corps; to abide by the regulations of The Navy League Of Canada, attend drills regularly, take proper care of any uniforms and equipment entrusted to me, and assist and support The Navy League Of Canada to the best of my abilities.