Membership For Barrie Navy League Cadets is on going and begins the second Wednesday in September. Cadets must reach their 9th birthday by December 31st of the current training year but are not yet 13 to be eligible. The following information is required to become a member of the NLCC #24 Chambly:
  • Copy of Proof of Age (Birth Certificate)
  • Copy of Health Card
  • Statement of Medical Fitness
  • Application for Membership
  • Contact Person in case of Emergency

Wednesdays: Evenings, Cadets are expected to be on board ship at 6:15 pm (no earlier than 6:00 pm unless previous arrangements have been made) and are to be picked up at 9:00 pm. Each division takes a turn at being the duty division. It is their job to ensure the base is tidy by picking up trash from the floors and emptying the trash. Parents should be back for sunset at 8:40 pm to hear the evening announcements.
Sundays: Cadets voluntarily meet from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
Routine Orders states times and dress code for that day.
If a Cadet is going to be late or absent on Wednesdays, please go to the Attendance page for further details.